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Saturday, November 14, 2009

              Kurbaan- Story
  •  Maan Singh and Prithvi Singh's families have been locked in a property
  • dispute in a Court in India. When the Court gives a verdict in favor of
  • Prithvi, Maan hires a bandit, Panna Singh, to kill Prithvi and all of
  • his family. Panna only partially succeeds, and retreats badly wounded
  • to a dense forest to escape Prithvi's wrath. But the harm has been
  • done, Prithvi has lost his sister and other family to this vicious
  • assault, and has vowed to avenge this by killing Maan's family, and he
  • does so with partial success, thus incurring the wrath of Maan's Police
  • Inspector brother, Suraj Singh. Prithvi then goes into hiding and is
  • now called Daku Prithvi Singh. The only survivors from his family are
  • his daughter, Chandra, his aunt, and her son, Himmat, while Suraj Singh
  • lives with his son, Akash. Years later, an educated Akash meets with an
  • uneducated Chandra and both fall in love with each. When their
  • respective fathers' find out, they are told not to see each other again
  • and their marriages' are arranged elsewhere. But both Akash and Chandra
  • believe in their love, but are unaware of the consequences this could
  • result in - especially in another bloodbath at the hands of Panna
  • Singh, who is still alive - and still wants to kill the remainder of
  • Prithvi and his family.

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Ever Loved said...

I think all filmy stories r mixed pickle /jam jaise lagti hai.Phir bhi bahut kuch theek hai
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